What would mobile services look like without the tools Apple & Google filled the market with?

Get rid of the box with Gemalto - StartUp42


« Let's reinvent mobile services ! »

Gemalto, a world leading company in digital securty, partners with Startup42 to organize a hackathon that will make you think out of the box!

And by box, we mean the one that contains the super computer in your pocket: your smartphone.

What would happen in a world without Apple & Google? What would mobile services look like without the tools these companies filled the market with?

Think no more, this world is the one of developping countries. And it's also the one Gemalto works with.
With their help, you will develop the services that could change the lifes of billions.

You'll have to pick one of these 8 big themes and work on it all weekend long:

  • Reinvent how we manage personal data in 5 – 10 years ? From Cloud 1.0 to Cloud 2.0. What will the cloud contain in 5 to 10 years? Will users still be using Cloud (provided & managed by third party?)
  • Design a new Backup Service like never seen before. Imagine an innovative Mobile backup app matching today’s needs of Backup with killer features and amazing user’s experience
  • Bring emotion services and virality on top of existing backup App. Imagine new features on top of existing applications. How would you make Backup more emotional to end-users giving them the willingness or need to continue using the app 
  • Invent New end-user services for emerging markets (cost efficient and handling low Data coverage). What kind of service could you imagine that could fulfil the needs of Mobile subscribers in mature market context
  • Invent New end-user services for mature markets (High Quality and with high Data coverage). What kind of service could you imagine that could fulfil
    the needs of Mobile subscribers in mature market context?
  • Bring internet services for basic phones in emerging markets. Which mobile service could we create to bring mobile phone users to access and use data more often?
  • How to make usage of contact Data Bases of Mobile Network Providers we currently have? Which service (Mobile or not) could we design, making full use of those users contacts.
  • Which GAFA features you couldn’t live without? Pick your preferred ones and
    now just make them better? Think out of the box.

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$600 in prizes

Drone SPHERO BB-8 (3)

Straight from the new Star Wars movie, BB-8 is an app-enabled Droid with a personality all its own. BB-8 recognizes and reacts to your voice. You can drive or let him explore the surroundings. To be clear, this BB-8 isn’t as big as the one depicted on-screen, and it probably won’t be quite as smart or independent. But hey, it’s a Star Wars droid that you can control from your smartphone or tablet, which is pretty freaking cool.

Devpost Achievements

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The hackathon is open to :

  • Developers
  • Business Developers
  • Designers

You must be physically present, hackers cannot do it remotely.


Get rid of the box with Gemalto - StartUp42


Daniel Jarjoura

Daniel Jarjoura
‎Founder & Chief Education Officer at Studiio

Luc Pérard

Luc Pérard
ThingWorx Head of EMEA Telco sales

Majda Fahim

Majda Fahim
Stardust Business Development

Romina Stroeymeyte

Romina Stroeymeyte
Gemalo Business Innovation Garage Manager

David Buhan

David Buhan
Gemalto Senior Vice President Mobile Subscriber Services

Judging Criteria

  • Originality of the idea
  • Feasibility
  • Adequacy with Gemalto business
  • Quality of the prototype showed
  • Team spirit